Home Habits

There are many experiences that parents can provide at home that will help ensure school success. Please review this check list. Look for opportunities to provide additional positive Home Habits.

1. Responsibility , Independence  and Caring for Self.

The parent/caregiver guides the child to :

- put away toys and games  - learn to put on clothing shoes and   socks
- keep room neat   - learn to select and hang up   clothing
- help set and clear table - complete specific jobs
- learn to button, zip and tie   shoelaces - tend to bathroom and personal   grooming needs


2. Getting Along with Others.

The parent/caregiver  :
- makes arrangements for children to play with others
- teaches children how to share and respect other children’s property
- teaches children to accept other adults as friends
- help children learn to listen to others and follow directions

3. Routines.

The parent/caregiver  :
designates appropriate times to go to bed, get up, eat, rest and play, that are consistent with children’s needs and school schedules.

4. Making Decisions.

Whenever opportunities arise, parents can allow children to plan activities or solve problems by encouraging decision-making. The choices should be kept simple :

“ Which book do you want me to read ?”
“ Which game shall we play ?.”
“ Would you like an apple or a banana for a snack ?.” 

The way is left open for more than one suggestion, so that the parent and child can discuss which might be best.

5. Word on Television.

Television can be a learning experience if limited and used properly. There are many informative and educational programmes, but too much television is not good for children.

When adults choose programmes with children, an appropriate television viewing schedule can be planned. Choosing programmes with care, and watching along with children help make  television a more positive experience. Discussing favourite programmes help children extend their vocabulary and concepts of the world around them.



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