We wish to welcome you to Al-Shumus Nursery. It is our hope that we provide the best possible care for your children while also providing them with excellent social and pre-school learning experiences. Understanding each child’s needs and meeting those needs is our goal. Academic readiness, even though very important, is not the only issue, we, at Al-Shumus are interested in the whole child. We begin with practical and social skills, keeping track of belongings, putting things away, sharing an adult, sharing materials and respecting the limits of the community are some of the many aspects of total development. These are the foundations for growing independence.

A copy of our curriculum is available on the web site; this gives more details of the kind of skills and learning experiences fostered at the Nursery.                      

Al-Shumus is a bi-lingual Nursery; the programs are both in Arabic and English.

It is important for parents not to be over-ambitious and not to push skills on children to make them ready.

This has been written to make everyone understand some of our philosophies and rules at the Nursery in the hope of getting off to a good start. If there are any questions remaining after reading this, please feel free to contact us at the Nursery or drop us a message by CLICKING HERE.

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